Interauto(Russia) August 2013

Name:Interauto 2013
Add:IEC Crocus Expo
Booth No.: G404

From 28-31st August,2013,the INTERAUTO was held in IEC Crocus Expo,Russia.As the largest car and accessories
exhibition in Russia,it has successfully attracted more than 100,000 merchants.
What orangered is the theme of Fulais in this exhibition shows Fulais strong research and development technologies
which attract many news and old customers to visit,experience,and talk(discuss) details.
Although the development of the automotive industry in Russia has been remarkable,it represents not only opportunit-
ies,but also challegnges.As a powerful corporate of the industry,Fulais has made corresponding preparations to gras-
p the opportunity and accept the challenge which definitely make us to believe that a brighter future for Fulais will be co-
ming soon.

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